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What is the time to delivery of my stickers?


After you have placed your order delivery time can vary per destination but should be well within 10 days in Europe. 


Other issues to take care of?

You should check if your image is legal. So you should not use any copyright or trademark protected materials without written permission of the owner of the used material.


Delivery and Payment. 

Each order with a value less then € 30,- will be directly shipped with an invoice. This invoice should be paid by bank transfer within 8 days after receiving the shipment.
If the ordervalue succeed € 30,- it should be paid in advance. Payment notice will be sent by the website by email. 



All orders will be handled with great care, also concerning your privacy. Only the information required for handling your order and for informing the customer about new developments of will be used by us, and stored into our databases. We will never deliver or sell these information to any other party.


Validity of Conditions

By using our service you agree with the conditions stated in this document. Any differences or legal activity will be handled by dutch law on a court located at the Netherlands.


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