PLAKFOTO.NL - Your photolabels. Daily new cuttingshapes.

Plakfoto offers you stickers in all different shapes of photo's, logo's or pictures.


You take a picture of your favorite subject, upload it to our site and select the desired
     print and shape.
     Within a few days you will receive the photo as stickers by postage at home.


All our stickers are vinyl-based, and because of that weatherproof and stick permanently,
     also on glass. 

elect for instance the  shape "Rondo", choose transparent and you are able to glue your glasses,
    mugs, bowls and dishes with the logo of your club.

he transparent sticker is ideal for company's who wish to put their logo on their products
    without spending large amounts of money in design and print/offset costs.

In 5 passes your Photostickers:


Pass 1

Pass 2

Pass 3

Pass 4

Pass 5

Upload the picture.

Select the desired shape.

Position the photo.

Fill in the registration-form.

Confirm your order.



Special holiday stickers available!


Make your own sticker!

  1. Size: Higher resolutions give larger photographs a better impression.
  2. Red looking eyes: Try to avoid red eyes at portrait photographs.
    For this purpose there are frequently special flash functions available on the digital cameras,
    you can remove the red eyes in several imaging packages.
  3. File format:We support the following file formats:JPEG, GIF, PNG en BMP.
    If you do not have these formats please contact us. Usually we can convert them manual.

There are several shapes you can use.
We cannot mention these all but to give you an impression about the possibilities available for your most beautiful photographs or nicest photos to create your own photo stickers you find here some examples:

  • Various: Heart,round,oval,passport photo
  • Flora/fauna: Flower,star
  • Playing Cards: Spade,hearts,squares,clover
  • Mathematical: Circle,square,quadrangle,rectangle

We have several shapes to use for your babyphoto's.

A nice picture of your children: For baby, toddler or small children Rosa is a good choice.

You can make special stickers to use them on school things:

  • Pal Pad
  • Diary
  • Scrapbooking

You can also make professional photo labels with your logo or digital photograph for cd's and dvd's of your:

  • Holidayphotographs
  • Jubilee
  • Birthday:(Presents) We have special miniature photostickers. One sheet contains 30 labels with rounded or square corners.
  • Wedding invitation:Below a complete list:
  • 1st year Paper
    2nd year Cotton 
    3rd year Leather 
    4th year Fruit, Flowers
    5th year Wood 
    6th year Sugar
    7th year Wool,Copper 
    8th year Bronze
    9th year Pottery 
    10th year Tin
    11th year Steel 
    12th year Silk
    13th year Lace  
    14th year Ivory
    15th year Crystal 
    16th year Tungsten   
    17th year Turquoise 
    18th year Porcelain 
    19th year Bronze 
    20th year China 
    25th year Silver
    30th year Pearl
    35th year Coral
    40th year Ruby
    45th year Sapphire
    50th year Gold
    55th year Emerald
    60th year Diamond
    65th year Star Sapphire

    70th year Platinum
    75th year Diamond Gold
    80th year Oak
    90th Granite

CD/DVD labels
  • If you put your holiday pictures on photocd you can create uniquely cd labels.
    This cd/dvd-stickers has exactly the same size as ordinary cd/dvd-labels.
    With cdstickers you have your holiday photos on cd in a few minutes.
  • The movie of your jubilee can be professionalized with your photo on dvd sticker.

Also available: Special stickers for holidays such as christmasstickers and easterstickers.

Companies are able to put their name or other images easily as logos on their products like:

  • Wine (winelabels/winebottle label)
  • cup, goblet (with portrait photograph, transparent or wite vinyl, washable)



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